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OUR values

The Common Law Court International & Enforcement Agency (de jure) - 1776 seeks to carry out the will of God the Father by being the voice of the people and bringing justice to the people.


As an independent sovereign, the Common Law Court pledges to safeguard the cause of the ones who lack the resources to defend themselves.


We value that which God the Father has entrusted to humanity in our freedom: to love, respect, and protect one another.

For, of, and by the people


(not anti-government)

Salvation of human souls

the challenge & the solution

We live in an era where the dystopian novels you once read for entertainment have infiltrated your reality.


We live in an era where the words of the powerful become “truth” and the words of the weak become mere obscenities.


We live in an era where the authorities we depend upon are the very same people who bury the truth and profit from our suffering.


We live in an era where the legal system metes out a travesty of justice under the guise of goodwill.


We live in an era where the cries of the people seemingly fall on deaf ears…but this is not the end of the story.


Out of the darkness, God the Father is painting a picture of a just society.


Out of the darkness, God the Father has chosen men and women to enter the battleground that exists not only on Earth but also in the Heavens. 


Out of the darkness, God the Father has prophetically revealed His plan to combat the forces of spiritual death and public corruption.


Out of the darkness, God the Father calls us to humble ourselves on His path of justice and mercy.


Out of the darkness, we have the faith and the knowledge that His victory is complete.

who we are & what we do

“This is Private Attorney General Adriana Estevez, and you are under arrest for treason.”


14 years ago, these were words that Adriana Estevez never could have imagined uttering to another human being, much less a judge in a court of law. At the time, Estevez did not profess to be a Christian, nor did she have any tangible connection to the legal world. She was on the verge of losing her home to foreclosure and desperate to find a cure for her son’s mystifying illness.


The turning point came to Estevez when her son was miraculously healed through a powerful offering of prayer to which she bore witness. As she opened her life to Jesus Christ, she began speaking with God even as God was speaking to her through others. Estevez vividly remembers the day when a man with the spiritual gift of prophecy sought her to relay a life-changing message. Jouncing a half-filled water bottle as an illustration, he told her that she was going to “shake the system” and become an ambassador of many nations, comparing her story to that of David and Goliath in the Bible. Estevez was incredulous at first, but the Holy Spirit was quick to impress upon her the gravity of these statements.


With a renewed sense of mission, she started helping other people who were losing their homes. From her own experience Estevez was all too familiar with the required administrative procedures, but she was baffled by the consistent lack of results – even though she was doing everything by the book. Even more unsettling was the growing realization that something was terribly dubious about the so-called “lawful” documents encountered in her research.


It was God’s next revelation that instructed Estevez to become a Private Attorney General (P.A.G.). She prayed, studied, and took the requisite steps of being commissioned as a P.A.G. as God imparted all of the knowledge she would need to fight the public corruption war, including the eidetic ability to recall, name, and explain the significance of every single penal code in the California Legislature. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it was confirmed that the “lawful” documents Estevez had suspected were indeed the tip of the iceberg in a colossal conspiracy that illegally deprived over 15 million Americans of their homes. Her investigations uncovered the harrowing truth of fraudulent notary signatures perpetrated by a corporate giant and the untimely demise of a notary public who confessed to playing a part in the national scheme – but who was merely one of thousands who had been privy to the transgression.


Armed with a meticulous collection of evidence, Estevez paid a visit to the local police department to officially notify them of the crime. The officers refused to hear what she had to say, then halfheartedly acquiesced by writing up a report, then quietly relieved themselves of any inkling of responsibility by canceling the report. Undeterred, Estevez navigated her way through the governmental ranks and entered a maddening labyrinth that was surely designed by Franz Kafka himself. Her contact efforts reached the District Attorneys, the Governor of California, and the FBI – to name just a few. In each instance she was met with a triad of bureaucratic inertia, callous indifference, and the evasive response that everyone appeared to have memorized for their oath of office: “Sorry, but this is outside of my jurisdiction.”


As Estevez gained experience and secured allies who are now part of the dedicated team behind the Common Law Court, she unearthed shocking facts from every echelon of society. One of the most crucial discoveries was that all U.S. courts and prisons are privately owned corporations with the judges holding financial shares in these entities, thereby constituting a flagrant conflict of interest. Estevez began disqualifying judges who are in violation of the law: a markedly unique, inherently dangerous, yet completely legitimate process which has formed the crux of her battle strategy. It turns out that the lack of integrity from our trusted public servants provides more than ample grist for true justice – God’s holy justice – to prevail.


We conclude that hiding beneath the American ethos of liberty and justice is moral decay and ethical tragedy. The legal system as we know it has been reduced to a social construct that is at best a farce, at worst a form of slavery. These revered individuals and organizations masquerade under a semblance of truth, order, and righteousness, but what they are essentially doing is capitalizing on human ignorance and fear.


We at the Common Law Court ultimately put our trust into God the Father regardless of the size, the intensity, and the risks of our work. He is the one who inspires us, equips us, and leads us in this epic paradigm shift. May He receive all of the glory as we strive to dismantle the injustices of this world, and may we stand in awe of Him as he continually transforms us into His likeness.

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